SPOT Globally

Start a SPOT Club

Any student can begin a SPOT Chapter in their school or community! It’s easy… all you need is a group of five students or more who are willing to take action for animals in creative ways! We will help you after that!

SPOT Clubs can work specific to their community to spread the message or support their local animal welfare groups. You need not fundraise for SPOT Globally, animals need help all over the world, you can start in YOUR area! A SPOT Club can focus on any animal welfare cause ranging from Puppy Mills to Illegal Animal Trade.

We will hold monthly update meetings and you will also have access to resources from experienced change makers alike. We provide poster ideas, meeting agendas, fundraising events, and cool event ideas. The importance is to get more students involved and excited about animal welfare, just like YOU! We strive to create a socially conscious community of future world leaders who empathize with animals.

How to Begin