Case by Case Decisions

Take a different perspective on life. Try to look at it in a smaller picture or even in a global picture. For example, when we go into a project site and attempt to capture and sterilize an adult male street dog who has already been severely infected by mange (a parasitic skin infection common to canines in warm climates) we must consider all medical and social factors upon releasing this dog.

On a larger scale, it would be better to release this dog back into its community to allow it to roam free in its natural habitat. However, let us look at the smaller image now. This street dog will have received treatment upon returning back to its pack. Most likely, this dog was the weakest of the pack prior to capture because he had been bullied and almost killed to a disease. Returning this dog, who had already been low on the totem pole, would not be a wise decision because he would have lost his place in the pack after the many weeks he spent in the hospital. Yet, the only other option would be to

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