Become a Project Site Partner

what project site partners do?

Project site partners work in conjunction with SPOT Globally to humanely reduce the number of strays in developing countries. We work together on a number of levels to promote international adoptions, advanced surgery care, and animal welfare education all over the world.


You must be a foundation that has contact with stray animals. You can either already have a spay and neuter program established or we can help you establish one. There must be willing and able staff to capture the strays, perform the surgery, provide after care, and release the stray back to the area. We are willing to help anyone and everyone to end the overpopulation crisis!

Please contact: [email protected] for application information

funding and sponsorship?

Upon becoming a project site partner, your shelter or organization will receive a pledge of a minimum of $500 per year specifically for Spay and Neuter surgeries. Depending on your level of need and sustainability, we will pledge more funding annually to support sterilizations, facility expansions, and veterinary salaries.

We will sponsor your organization and focus on it in all fundraising and educational activities in the United States. We will create profiles on your organization and post these online as well as include organization information in all press releases. We hope to collaborate and create an international society to promote animal welfare.